Lost in the jungle of planning IT and business transformation initiatives? Short on people for your Business Analysis team? Then itís time to call a consultant.

Using the best Business Analysis consultants and the best practices in Business Analysis as defined by IIBAís Business Analysis Body of Knowledge we will provide a solution to your business analysis needs. While the variety of BA problems youíre going to face is great here are a few examples of situations where we can help you:

Project proposal Ė You have a problem that needs solving. You probably know what the problem is. You may even have a solution. But you donít know the exact steps to reach this solution and how much they will cost. Before you commit resources to this project you need to know the benefits, costs and risks, what Return on Investment to expect. Thereís no need to make investment decisions in the dark. We can help you conduct the necessary research and analysis and assist your organization in obtaining everything you need to make an informed decision.

Requirements Specification Ė You have started a project. Your vendor or development team is waiting for a description of what you want from them. This description is still nowhere to be seen. Here we intervene. We will first understand what your objectives of your project are. Then we will interview people affected by the project to document their requirements and expectations for the results. The final step will be to prepare your requirements document, ready to be used by your team or set as an Request for Proposal to potential vendors.

Vendor selection Ė You have your requirements and start calling vendors. Some ignore your requirements, some take them so seriously they promise things they canít possibly deliver. After numerous time-wasting meetings you start thinking thereís a better way to do this. In this situation we will do some research and invite only the vendors really able to help. Then we will align the features they propose to your requirements and recommend the most suitable option. Where client requirements and vendor features differ we will facilitate negotiations to reach solution delivering maximum value to the client.

If some of this sounds familiar donít hesitate to call us right now. The sooner we get to work sorting things out the better.